Born in Flushing, New York, Randy enjoyed many aspects of being an urban youth in the bustling city streets of New York. After experimenting with various expressions of art ranging from break-dancing to computer animation; Randy has always found an interest in the cinemas and photographs of old. After taking some time to find a new direction for his work, Randy sparked his interest in photography once again after unpacking some storage boxes and dusting off an old Canon film camera. Soon after the desire to capture special moments through the lens was rekindled. Much of his inspiration is derived from the massive structures of concrete and steel that line the many streets of New York City. He has also taken the opportunity to travel abroad and explore other cities such as Copenhagen, Malmö and Makati City. Passionate about architecture and how the structural contours often form interesting shapes is what drives the creative engine behind much of Randy’s photographs. “Structures and how abstract shapes play off of them are the key elements to most of my images. To me when these two subjects are present in an image, I connect and the final composition speaks to me.” This frame of mind is what Randy envisions when deciding on how to construct a photograph from the viewfinder to final print.

Randy’s images have garnered much attention as of late. Many of his New York City Marathon photographs have been published in popular forums such as the Washington Post. His fine art work has inspired the praise of photographers and hangs on the wall of various fine art collectors. All images are available for purchase through the “Buy Now!” link located above all photographs on the website. Please feel free to inquire about signed limited edition runs.


Nikon D3
Nikon D300s
Hasselblad 500C/M
Holga 120N
Nikkor and Zeiss lenses
Manfrotto Tripod head and legs
B+W Filters


Currently seeking representation.


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