Iceland Photography Trip, Day 2

Day 2: Kirkjufell and Búðir.
_RLP7520Alister was a great guy who gave me some pointers on ideal locations to shoot Kirkjufell and the various waterfalls around Grundarfjörður.
I took this newfound knowledge, bid my photographic
brother farewell and checked out of the Hotel Framnes.
The clouds around Kirkjufell were dense and blocked out most of the suns early rays that morning. I anticipated this and decided to compose some shots in black and white on my Hasselblad to capture the mood I felt that morning. Kirkjufell is a quiet, magical place that I could spend days exploring. I still regret not spending more time in this area as it presents itself quite differently in various lighting throughout the day. This location presented the worst of my technical problems as I lost half my digital images on an SD card to the stream and broke the lower portion of my tripod leg in the process. I guess it’s fitting to say “No Pain, No Gain.”

_RLP7379 1Once again I continued my trip on the golden circle and took a pit stop at a locale gas station. The gentleman at the counter was scruffy looking and I had an uncontrollable sense of unease when I entered to pay for my gas. He began a conversation with me and I immediately asked myself “what does this guy want and why is he so nice”. It turns out he was a grandfather and was extremely excited to learn I was from the eastern coast of the states. He had a granddaughter in Virginia and loved America but distinctly mentioned that I could keep New York City, as it was too much for him. We laughed and I agreed that he might be on to something. I left that gas station with the impression that looks can be deceiving and that given the chance, some people can make a profound impression on your life.

_RLP7319After driving several hours northwest I finally entered the dense mountain region of Búðir and set out for the black church. I have seen this church photographed a number of times on the Internet and wanted to see what it looked like in person. Why this church, I wish I could tell you but there was something special about it; something unique that I couldn’t quite put my finger on…it was just Icelandic.

I took a few snaps of the church but wanted to spend time absorbing what was around me. Smelling the crisp air, feeling the cool breeze and laying on the ground running my feet through the turf. It was a feeling I could recall experiencing on a cool spring day in Central Park, a feeling that left once I left the park and entered the urban sprawl.

_RLP7469My second day in Iceland was a treat and I smiled a pleasant smile as I took the road back to Reykjavik. I decided to book a bed at the Reykjavik Downtown Hostel ( The amenities were great and they have an amazing breakfast buffet) as it was the cheaper option. The travelers I met there were great folks and made my stay there that much more pleasant.

Here’s to you friends!

_RLP7421Day 3 coming soon… Read Day 1


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