Iceland Photography Trip, Day 1

Hello Friends,

Firstly, I want to apologize for not updating my blog as frequently as I should. Life pulls us all in different directions and I have truly been pulled under the current. I hope this entry makes up for my absenteeism and provides you with some wholesome photography goodness.

Now that we have that out of the way, I present to you my newly minted entry of my trip to Iceland. I decided to break the post down by days so that my experience can be followed in a more chronological order. The trip was exhilarating and I long for the day when I can visit this beautiful country again. I never considered visiting Iceland until I had a layover in Keflavík during a trip to Sweden. The landscape was amazingly vibrant and not full of … ice. When the opportunity presented itself, I made plans to visit Iceland in late September (midsummer may have been ideal) after deciding against Paris and Kyoto because of subject matter. I packed my bags, bubbling with the ideas of what this wondrous landscape would be like. Below you will find my experiences while traveling in the land of fire and ice:

Day 1: Keflavík, Reykjavik and the outskirts.

Iceland TripThe flight to Keflavík was relatively smooth and I slept most of the morning. Upon arrival I picked up my luggage and met with a young Icelandic teen from Blue Car Rental ( who delivered my Toyota Rav 4 for my upcoming road trip. The rental was an older model but in very good shape, reasonably priced and not full of lingering cigar smoke. Before I forget, if your wanting to visit the interior portions of Iceland (i.e. Landmannalaugar) you should pony up the extra cash for the 4×4 option as many of these roads are full boulders the size of soccer balls and may damage your under carriage. In my case the rental was fully covered for rock damage because of the 4×4 option.

On the road from the airport to Reykjavik, its extremely hard as a photographer to resist pulling over and firing off a few pictures of interesting formations and plumes of sulfuric smoke.
Iceland TripThe city of Reykjavik has something special. The people, the buzz, the buildings all have a distinct Icelandic feel. After a good 3 hours of visiting the various points of interest in Reykjavik, I decided to grab some groceries from the Bónus Supermarket ( and a few liters of petrol before hitting the more remote portions of Iceland. I can’t stress this enough, if you plan on driving around most of Iceland, make sure you plan your route and use of gas/petrol carefully as it can quickly drain your finances. After a few hours on the road and heavy eyes, I arrived at Hotel Framnes (http://www.‪‎) in the small port town of Grundarfjörður. The hostess was extremely nice and made me feel welcome.

Iceland TripAfter check-in, I decided to venture out at 3am in the morning to see if I could scout a good location for Kirkjufell before sunrise. Needless to say, if you’ve never been in this region it maybe a good idea, if your going off road to go the day before so you can actually see the road ahead of you and not accidently roll off a cliff. As I explored locations, I came across another vehicle that was already parked. The gentleman inside was Alister Benn, a renowned landscape photographer specializing in night photography. (

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