Interview with Colin Homes

Colin Homes is a fine art landscape photographer from Singapore that specializes in the use of color and monochrome film. In his travels Colin has captured some of the world’s most coveted (and sometimes hidden) treasures. From the water canals of Venice to the mountainous peeks of Yosemite, Colin’s images convey a sense of calm that is often absent in today’s digital age of imaging. We recently sat down with Colin to gather a little insight into his world and find out what motivates him as a photographer:

Colin Homes

What equipment do you primarily use in the field?

I have a few different cameras, but my favorite has always been the Hasselblad.

When considering a composition for a photograph what stops you and makes you say, “That’s the shot I want”?

I think mainly the shape and form of the landscape is what catches my eye. I am attracted to perspective and balance. I always see color as a secondary importance. That said I have been shooting a fair bit of color lately but they have all been quite muted in their color palette.

Are you inspired by the arts or were you trained in any way to create the photographs you create?

I have never had any formal training as a photographer. Apart from a very short course I attended right at the start about 12 years ago. My knowledge of photography has come from trial and error but my passion has come from seeing the work of other great photographers and aspiring to create work to their incredible standards.

You have been capturing compelling photographs for some time now, what advice would you pass along to aspiring photographers interested in photography?

Advice is something that I am not really qualified to give considering I am myself quite junior in the world of photography. But if photography is your true passion, never give up on it, have faith in your own judgment and standards and don’t follow, lead.

Many of your images are made with film and printed on various specialty mediums. Do you foresee any possibility of digital camera usage in your future work?

I do enjoy using my film cameras, mainly because I know them so well. I am fascinated by the creative opportunities that exist in the digital world. The cameras at the end of the day are just that, cameras but the software that is available and the new ideas and techniques that they inspire are, in my opinion, the true advantage of digital photography.

Do you prefer any specific film or developing processes when creating your photography?

I have used a number of different films over the years, but I really like Tri-X 400 and Tmax 100. They both have completely different characteristics. I develop my own film even color negatives as I prefer to have the control over the whole process from the exposure to the print.

Do you prefer to utilize 35mm, Medium Format or Large Format film? Why?

I use all of these formats. I think this is one of the lovely things about film and that is that each of these formats brings with it a different experience and more importantly a different look. For me it’s just down to how I feel at the time and also to a degree what I want to take pictures of. For traditional landscape work I tend to go for the 4×5, if it’s more minimal images then the Hasselblad is my favorite. If it’s night photography perhaps in a city somewhere then I love 35mm loaded with Tri-X. It can create a lovely mystical look to shots especially if it’s raining.

– Any plans to take pictures of New York City?

I would love to go to NY to photograph, what an incredible place. I’m sure I will when funds allow…

– How might one purchase a print from your collection?

My prints are always available to buy. My website has a section showing a limited number of images for sale and their prices. I have shown some images on Facebook that are for sale, but if there is an image you would like just email me…

We would like to thank you tremendously Colin for your time and for the lovely images you have on display.

You can view Colin’s images at his website as well as receive up to the minute news on his blog:


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