Chickens in the Hood.

I’ve seen it all. While walking home from Target, I saw these little guys basking in the sunlight. They’ve even got their very own house.



Iceland Photography Trip, Day 2

Day 2: Kirkjufell and Búðir. Alister was a great guy who gave me some pointers on ideal locations to shoot Kirkjufell and the various waterfalls around Grundarfjörður. I took this newfound knowledge, bid my photographic brother farewell and checked out … Continue reading

Honorable Mention in the 2012 -IPA- International Photography Awards

Hello Friends,

I am pleased to announce that I received an honorable mention in the IPA Photo Awards for my photography of West Side Story. Although I did not receive Silver or Gold I feel this is a good start to the direction I am headed in regards to my photographic vision.


iPhoneagraphy Here and There

I have found myself dabbling more and more with some of the iPhone photography applications. Some offer some useful tools for grabbing pictures, some…not so much. What has been your experience with this digital medium of expression?


Planning a Trip to Iceland

As of today, I have officially purchased my airfare and accommodations for an upcoming trip to Iceland. I have never been to the “land of fire and ice” before but from some of the pictures I’ve seen on the Internet I think it goes without saying that I will have a good time. I will only be in the country for seven days but I anticipate sleep will be a bit of a luxury. Stay tuned as I plan to upload images and videos during the trip.

Manhattan Sunrise Wallpaper

Manhattan Sunrise Wallpaper

Here’s another image you can use to liven up that dull computer workspace. I hope you enjoy it.

Winter Wonderland

This gallery contains 6 photos.

I just added some additional images taken with the Hasselblad on a snowy afternoon in Central Park. The air was crisp, the wind wicked as I traversed this winter wonderland of snow and ice.